Central Solutions has received funding under the 2017 EPA Research Awards to investigate the area of environmental compliance and enforcement both in Ireland and internationally with a view to identifying what factors drive and influence corporate compliance behaviour amongst the regulated community nationally.

Considering the environmental, social and economic pressures we face globally, there is a pressing need to transition beyond “business-as-usual” mindsets and practices. “Going beyond compliance” (GBC) is an approach to help deliver greater organisational performance and long-term value across the triple bottom line.

The main recommendations of this report are to:

  • set out a vision for GBC nationally;
  • establish an environmental excellence community of practice;
  • review policy and investigate new regulatory frameworks for GBC;
  • develop a programme of supports and incentives for GBC;
  • conduct further research, innovation and collective action on GBC.

This project sees the further expansion of the R&D team at Central Solutions’ Limerick offices which operates across areas such as Operational Excellence, Water Stewardship, Digital Business and Corporate Sustainability.

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