Global issues like scarce resources, food security, hunger and climate change represent key challenges to the entire Food & Beverage sector. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030 have been adopted by the Food & Beverage sector along with other sectors and represent the overarching guidelines to develop sustainable strategies for their enterprise.

Richard Feynman once commented that knowing the name of something doesn’t necessarily mean you understand it. This wisdom could be applied to a broad term like ‘sustainability’ where it can have different a meaning or understanding depending on your perspective. Everyone has a role to play in delivering on sustainability goals and targets but is everyone aware of the issues, the challenges and the ways in which their own individual and collective actions and choices can have a significant impact … not just at local but at a global level? Even the greatest journeys start with small steps.

Badge - Sustainability Pass

The SustainabilityPassTM programme is designed to support the enterprises sustainability journey by developing greater staff awareness and understanding of sustainability including core topics of: energy, water, waste, biodiversity and social responsibility; and by helping to embed sustainability practices, skills and behaviours, thus contributing to long-term value creation and a culture of greater sustainability within the enterprise.

SustainabiltyPassTM, developed by Central Solutions, is fully endorsed by the Bord Bia Origin Green Programme and offers many benefits to organisations and their stakeholders (e.g. staff, contractors, customers, suppliers and the wider community).

The SustainabiltyPassTM programme:-

  • Provides powerful evidence to showcase to clients, stakeholders and supply chain of commitments to sustainability
  • Engages staff to achieve energy, water, waste, biodiversity, and other sustainability goals
  • Contributes to greater resource efficiency and reduced costs on-site
  • Supports long term behaviour change initiatives
  • Demonstrates commitment to staff development as part of audits (e.g ethical, ISO50001, etc.)

The programme is delivered via online training tool and is a fully independently managed and delivered service, which includes tracking and reporting of registered personnel on the programme. Delivering such a sustainability training programme to staff at scale across various departments, sites and corporate groups is easily handled and managed by our bespoke online learning platform, which is flexible, robust and customisable, and ensures consistent, cost-effective training delivery 24/7.

Ian Ryan from Nestlé’s Wyeth Nutritionals explains that “The Sustainability PassTM helps support a training need for greater sustainability awareness and guidance to colleagues on how to impact and contribute to energy, water and waste reduction goals in their daily activities”.

To date, the SustainabilityPassTM programme has been successfully rolled out across a number of large world-class corporate organisations in the food and beverage sector here in Ireland.

To find out more about the SustainabilityPassTM Programme, call us at 061 503009, email, follow us on Linkedin or Twitter, or join us at our workshop at Future in Food in Croke Park on November 23rd 2017.