A novel toolkit for water stewardship devised and developed in Ireland.

Over recent years the Central Solutions Water Practice has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest and best corporates in the world as they seek to continuously improve their water stewardship practices and impacts. The team have been fortunate to assist hundreds of production sites across many sectors including global leaders such as ABP, GSK, Boston Scientific, Guerbet, J&J, Rusal Aughinish, C&C and many others.

In all this time, by far the most frequent support requests they continue to receive, relate to helping production sites understand and visualise their water lifecycle.  Even those who are quite advanced in their water stewardship journey, lack the insights and ongoing monitoring of water quantity, quality and costs that a properly constructed water map for the site can yield.

It may sound obvious…. and it is!

If you want to improve your water management onsite for the longer term, you need to understand it and developing a full end to end picture of your onsite water lifecycle is a must. Working from P&IDs or relying simply on current or planned water metering systems is not sufficient.

For many production sites there is a perceptible “light bulb” moment when they see what a site water map can look like. It sets a new benchmark for their water stewardship strategy and offers a powerful baseline for discussions with senior management and others on the implementation of site wide water management plans.

But the value of effective water mapping runs much deeper than that.

Feedback from client sites indicates the most valuable uses of a Water Lifecycle Map also include:-

  • As a baseline for designing Water Metering Strategies and associated metering investments – too often sites rush to roll out metering without knowing what they need to measure!
  • For the identification of water optimisation/reduction opportunities across the facility
  • To provide a baseline for Water Kaizen events.
  • To help comply with water related regulations & standards – (including FDA, European & International Water Stewardship Standards, EPA Requirements and internal corporate audit requirements)
  • To provide water usage and cost at point of delivery as real-time production KPIs
  • To help with diagnosing water related incidents and identifying leaks.
  • Identifying potential risks of supply contamination (and hence prevention of potential production outages)
  • Offering a baseline for continuous improvement initiatives and associated business cases
  • Providing an inventory of key water assets and data sources in the plant


When Central Solutions commenced the development of their water mapping methods and associated technologies back in 2013, little did they know the impact the new toolkit would have or indeed that they were developing something in Ireland that would be picked up and adopted by leading Corporate Water Stewards across the globe.


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