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Data & Systems

Helping clients transform the way they do business

Quality information and effective information systems are essential to the success of every business.

But complex IT environments and an ever increasingly need for agility and optimised performance in application and service delivery, continues to drive a need for organisations to embrace new approaches, technologies and tools.

At Central Solutions, our Enterprise Solutions team helps clients meet this challenge while maintaining a focus on ensuring the right people, get the right information at the right time helping them make better decisions.

Our Core Areas

Some of the technologies and approaches we use to achieve this include:

Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Information Security
Big Data & Analytics
Lean Six Sigma Programmes

Next Steps

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Data & Systems
Case Studies


National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI)


Setting Standards in Information Management.
Assessing the potential of developing and adopting a new approach to Information Management, to leverage greater efficiencies in document and knowledge management across all departments.

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