Lean Six Sigma Utilities Programme

Lean approaches and tools offer a powerful and proven means to drive resource efficiency initiatives, delivering cost savings and helping organisations achieve longer term sustainability targets and international standards.

Our Lean Utilities Programme, in conjunction with the University of Limerick, has been developed with the support of the EPA, I2E2 National Competence Centre and leading multinational and indigenous firms to embed lean methodologies and utility management tools in the fabric of the organisation. The Programme consists of formal training and a series of company projects, each of which typically delivers €50k to €100k+ of annual savings.

Our certified courses help organisations apply lean methods to water and energy management to deliver verifiable savings.

Modules Include:

  • Lean Utilities White Belt – Online training to help raise staff and contractor awareness of the imperatives of energy and water management and how simple lean techniques can help them achieve their targets.
  • Lean Water Yellow Belt – a specialist module for those with responsibility for managing water systems on how leading firms have applied lean methods to improve their water management performance.
  • Lean Energy Yellow Belt – a specialist module for those responsible for SEUs
  • Lean Utilities Green Belt – a University of Limerick certified programme for  those who wish to undertake a substantial optimisation project and acquire the skills in Lean Six Sigma to efficiently and effectively complete their chosen project.