Information Security

Information security is a company-wide concern that combines people, systems and technology. It should not be seen as solely an IT issue, as it requires co-operation across all areas of an organisation. We help organisations to leverage a key security resource – their employees – through our Information Security PassTM training and awareness programme.

Information Security PassTM

Our Information Security PassTM programme is delivered online and ensures your employees:

  • Gain a better awareness of information security risks and threats to the organisation
  • Recognise ways to mitigate exposure to such security concerns
  • Understand IT security compliance business requirements

Key benefits:

  • Bite-sized digestible content on key Information Security topics
  • Bespoke online courses that are custom designed and tailored to your organisation’s needs
  • Additional ‘on the spot’ training can be provided to employees following simulated phishing attacks or other security testing interventions
  • Employees receive a portable ‘passport’ that rewards them on an ongoing basis for demonstrating responsible information security behaviours
  • Fully independently managed and delivered services

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