GDPR Staff Awareness Training

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will significantly change the data protection landscape and affect almost all countries in the world. Article 39 of the GDPR outlines that staff “awareness raising” and “training” is required. The GDPR Pass Programme has been designed specifically to respond to this critical requirement for organisations in a consistent and sustainable manner.

GDPR Complaince, beyond the May deadline

GDPR is a perpetual legal regime that marks a new era of data privacy. GDPR Compliance will therefore require constant work and improvement. The GDPR Pass aims to develop sustainable staff awareness of the core GDPR principles and data protection practices. The course is delivered online and the content is non-sector specific, suitable for all staff and all skill levels.

Key Benefits

The GDPR Pass awareness & compliance programme includes the following benefits:

Content & Structure

The introductory online course provides an overview of key GDPR topics and supports the raising of GDPR awareness levels across all processes in an organisation. The course-ware is broken down into the following core topics:

  1. Overview of GDPR
  2. Keywords and Terminology used in GDPR
  3. Key & Significant Changes
  4. GDPR Principles
  5. Individual Rights
  6. Accountability & Governance
  7. Supervisory Authorities & Regulators
  8. Enforcement
  9. What steps to take?
  10. Assessment
GDPR Online Training Demo


Given our urgency to get our staff GDPR-ready before the May deadline, the GDPR Pass was an excellent way to deliver GDPR training across the organisation swiftly and effectively

Data Protection Officer, Healthcare services provider

The reporting capability available through the learning portal made it very easy and straightforward to monitor and ensure our staff were completing the training

Compliance Manager, Financial services Firm ,

Using online training to deliver our GDPR awareness training has freed up a lot of time and resource to focus on other priorities

Senior HR Manager, IT services organisation

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