Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint can help your organisation align resources with business priorities, increase control and enhance performance.

Our Microsoft SharePoint practice is one of the leading SharePoint practices in Ireland serving a wide variety of public and private sector clients.

At Central Solutions, we help companies understand what SharePoint is (and isn’t!). Using our deep knowledge of the product and our years of practical experience, we will help you plan, configure and implement the right size solution leveraging Microsoft SharePoint.

Our goal is to provide unparalleled consulting services. Through SharePoint’s Information Management and Collaboration capabilities, we will ensure that the right people in your organisation have access to the right information at the right time. We can adapt SharePoint to your exact requirements and we offer supports in areas of strategy development, SharePoint governance, SharePoint technical services and adoption and training.

Programme Management is one of our core competences

Our specialist knowledge will speed up your deployment of SharePoint by helping you understand how it can be effectively implemented to achieve your business goals.