We design and deliver sustainability training programmes that build capacities, deliver optimum efficiencies and drive transformational change. Our training solutions are delivered at both national level and production site level to our rapidly growing portfolio of blue chip clients across Pharmaceutical, Food and Drink, Manufacturing and Public Sectors.

Sustainability Training:

The Sustainability Pass Programme, helps embed sustainability in the DNA of individual firms by focusing on developing awareness, knowledge and skills across the workforce and achieve long-term sustainable behavioural change in relation to core sustainability areas including: energy, water, waste, biodiversity, sourcing, and responsible citizenship.


  • Develops sustainability awareness, knowledge and best practices across the workforce
  • Ensures all site personnel undergo appropriate training enabling them to make positive contributions to more sustainable resource usage
  • Contributes to greater resource efficiency and reduced costs on-site
  • Supports long term behaviour change initiatives
  • Provides enhanced communication of sustainability credentials to the firms supply chain

The ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement programme has been developed by the Lean Water & Energy Skillnet with the support of NSAI.

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The Climate Ready Academy offers specialised training for businesses in the areas of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

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