Corporate Water Stewardship Programme

Through our collaboration, Central Solutions and the EWS are focused on delivering world class Water Stewardship Programmes at both governmental and corporate levels.

We achieve this by:

  • Leading in the development of world class corporate programmes within the framework of the European Water Stewardship Standard to underpin sustainable water stewardship at both site level and across the corporate supply chain
  • Applying lean principles and related data and software driven methodologies to the
    systematic management of corporate water resources
  • Developing lasting relationships with our customers, built on mutual trust and shared

Programme Objectives

The aims of this programme are to introduce delegates to Water Stewardship best practice, as well as providing them with a systematic programme approach to rolling out Water Stewardship across their sites.

Programme Content

The programme will be delivered through a combination of contact days and mentoring support.

Key Outcomes:

  • Understanding of EWS Requirements
  • Insights into best practice from other organisations
  • Understanding of Water System Plan requirements

Key Outcomes:

  • Introduction into Water Mapping and Data Analysis
  • Identification of Significant Water Users (SWUs)
  • Baseline Establishment
  • Development of risk & performance indicators

Key Outcomes:

  • Drafted Water System Plan
  • Formalization of site-specific Objectives, Targets and Action Plans

Key Outcomes:

  • Review System Plan progress
  • Lesson in how to conduct an internal audit of the EWS management system

Key Outcomes:

  • Preparations for Certification
  • Review of non-conformance management
  • Tracking of deviations from planned performance
Sustainable Water Award

Who Should Attend?

Our Water Stewardship Programme is aimed at helping Facilities Managers, EHS Professionals and Corporate Executives amongst others respond to key water challenges in a sustainable and efficient manner.