We are weeks away from the GDPR implementation date. But if you have yet to implement a GDPR employee awareness training programme, you are far from alone. In fact, less than half of Irish businesses are ready for the GDPR, according to the latest report by the Irish Independent.

GDPR requires ‘data protection by design and default’. This means that GDPR is not just about processes, but it’s also about providing training and awareness for colleagues. With GDPR, it’s advised that everyone, including HR, L&D and even the Board undergo awareness training alongside employees. Effective GDPR awareness training should aim to create a compliance culture for the long-term.

Implementing an effective GDPR awareness campaign should include the following phases:

1. Preparation

Let your staff know that GDPR training is coming. Placing reminders around the workplace like posters, screensavers and infographics are ideal visual channels for sparking interest and informing staff of action required. Use design tools like Canva.com to create a suite of posters and infographics for your organisation to signpost in a positive way that GDPR training is coming.

2. Engagement

GDPR may be a difficult subject for all employees to digest, especially if they do not come from an IT or legal background. Therefore, high levels of engagement are particularly important for GDPR training. You do not want the learning to slip from employee minds, with the potential risks involved in the event of a lapse.

We have designed our GDPR training with this in mind. The GDPR Pass is non-sector specific and suitable for all staff and all skill levels. Our creative team have focused on delivering a programme that will engage the learner using a wide range of graphically rich visuals, assessments and interactions.
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GDPR Pass - 7-Principles-of-GDPR - Infographic

3. Promote

This phase is particularly important for ongoing topics such as GDPR. GDPR requires your business to prove and demonstrate that you are compliant. We have partnered with Credly, a leading digital badging platform, to provide all our learners with a visual representation of the successful completion of our programs. Digital Badging is an effective and verifiable way of demonstrating your organisation’s GDPR awareness to clients, suppliers, auditors and other important stakeholders.

GDPR Pass - Digital Badging Infographic

Next Steps

With just weeks remaining until the GDPR compliance deadline, now is the time to educate your employees and implement your staff awareness training programme.

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