It has been widely reported that every organisation’s GDPR compliance framework should include an employee awareness training programme. In fact, Elizabeth Denham, the UK’s Information Commissioner, went as far as to say:

“Staff are your best defence and greatest potential weakness – regular and refresher training is a must.”

So, with less than two weeks to go until the GDPR deadline, have you got the necessary awareness training in place for your staff?

If the answer is no, there is no need to panic! There is still time to implement a GDPR training programme and ensure your staff are trained in advance of the May deadline. Many organisations are using online learning training courses, such as our GDPR Pass, as a quick and simple solution to meet the awareness raising and training requirements of the GDPR.


GDPR awareness training doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. The GDPR Pass is an introductory online course, that provides an overview of key GDPR topics and supports the raising of GDPR awareness levels across all processes in an organisation. The course-ware is broken down into the following core topics:

  • GDPR BadgeOverview of GDPR
  • Keywords and Terminology used in GDPR
  • Key & Significant Changes
  • GDPR Principles
  • Individual Rights
  • Accountability & Governance
  • Supervisory Authorities & Regulators
  • Enforcement
  • What steps to take?
  • Assessment

If you have yet to provide your employees with the GDPR training they require, get in contact with us today to ensure your staff are ready before the deadline.

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